Should I Build Many Websites or Just One?

and the topic of the day is whether or not you should build one website or many websites. Now, what I can say is if you are a small business or solopreneur there really isn’t much good reason for you to build more than one website for your brand. I know you might be thinking that there is a lot of benefit to having multiple websites in different niches,
and then you can drive that traffic and link back to your main company site. Well, that
is a good strategy, but I would say unless you are a company that has those resources,
for example a content team, or a graphic design team or people that can actually set up and
manage all these websites for you, you’re basically signing up for a whole lot of work.
So here are some reasons why you should just focus on building one authority website. Reason number one: Building many websites multiplies the amount of work that you are gonna need to do. Okay, so let’s say you have 10 websites that you have created related to the different niches that your company
addresses. Now, that’s 10 more websites that you are gonna need to maintain, upgrade, fix
bugs and hacks. That’s a lot of work on the maintenance side, but then the content creation
side, you are basically signing up to create 10 times more content. And then imagine all
the social media profiles that you’re gonna need to set up for each different website
because social signals are also a really important part… The 200 plus Google ranking factors
include social signals. So you’re gonna have to have a Twitter account and a Facebook page
and, so that’s a whole lot of work you’re signing up for. Number two: You are diversifying the power of your backlink portfolio if you split them up across multiple smaller websites. So, imagine for every piece of content that you put out into the world through your blog, that is
content that can attract targeted traffic to your website, that can also attract backlinks
to your website as well. So if you had one big website, then you can attract those backlinks
directly to your main branded site. But if you have 10 smaller sites and those sites
attract links, and then you’re using your niche sites to link to your branded sites,
well you’re basically creating a intermediary layer between the backlinks pointing to your
niche site, and then to your branded website so, why not just get the links directly to your
branded site, and not go through that trouble? Essentially it’s gonna take you a lot more
work in order to build those 10 smaller sites upto any level of authority where the links
pointing to your branded domain are gonna matter. And that’s because these niche sites
are probably newer sites that you’ve created, and domain aid is also another big search engine ranking factor. So, why not just get valuable backlinks directly from authority sites that have been around for a lot longer than your niche sites and cut out all the stuff in-between? So, that’s it for now. Thank you so much for
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Thanks a lot and see you next time.