SAYING THIS NAME DOES 1,000,000 DAMAGE! (Minecraft Whole Server Trolling S2E3)

Hey guys it’s Nick here or RGA Gaming and welcome to Minecraft trolling Season 2 Episode 2 of the season of Entire server. This is this episode 2? Hold on I need to check oh, God This is episode 3 ok so I kind of screwed that up But welcome to episode 3, not 2, like I just said it’s 3 but guys if we can hit 3,000 likes in this video I will turn this command on in every server and the first person to Get it will be able to kill whoever they want and if you don’t talking about, make sure to watch to the end, Because this is going to be awesome Basically what I have is the command that if you type Doni is a duck it will say “The chosen one has been found, and it will give you the ability to kill anybody by just saying their name!” So let’s go see if we can get someone to say Doni is a duck Let’s see if we can hit the like going guys come on. Let’s do this alright guys I just set a config value on this server which means that my new setting is now enabled Basically what happens is the first person now to say Doni is a duck in chat Will get the ability to kill anybody by simply saying their name now that includes me as well And I just I just kind of realized that that! Oh, God! Okay, well that actually That’s not that’s not good. I just , CRAP! So, if they are smart then they’ll know that they can kill me or doni or Really, Anybody with it Uh yeah that’s kind of a mistake if I get killed I’m going to be so mad Watch, like at the end of this video. They’ll be like wait a minute If I can kill anybody, RGA Minecraft, Boop! Dangit! okay, it’s basically now I have to try to get someone to say Doni is a duck all right We need to get someone to how get guys. What is a good way to get someone to say Doni is a Duck, oh, I’ve got it Dude, oh wait hold on. I think that’s is that star it is it’s star sugar-Daddy Rave Crap and I think they’re talking in chat, aren’t they? yeah, they are oh You got the date, we trolled them before we trolled them before I say slash, sudo Doni is a penguin What so let’s say it Alright guys, so now I’ve got a sign that says Doni is a duck. It’s gonna start putting a five people Until someone says it because the first person that says it’ll tell everyone in chat the chosen one has been found I don’t say as soon as they type their Dining it’s a duck message I would do it myself But I don’t want to be the chosen one cuz then I’d just be killing everyone people be like okay. That’s kind of random Let’s put that sign there Doni. It’s a duck there. We go. So now there’s the dinies of ducks ein It looks like that guy, just wrote excuse staring at it. Yeah now. They’re going to think it’s him all right come on So what there’s three four people here one of these people has to say Doni is a duck come on They try to figure out who put the sign down there like what it feels like I’m not it wasn’t me I’m not trusted all right someone needs to say that Doni is to doug if no one says Doni is a duck Then we have a problem Because then no one will be a chosen one Someone may be say Doni is a penguin that’s right I did who did this they still tried the other guys are still trying to figure out who placed the sign there? They’d say it say it state Doni’s a duck State Dottie is I’ve dumped Collide. Oh my God now everyone’s Gonna log on the same reason the first thing They’re gonna type is Doni is a duck and then they’re going to probably be the first person to say it We’re like right there Daddy’s a banana someone’s going to say daddy to duck please Please please so let’s say Doni is a duck oh My God Doni’s the duck yes the chosen one has been found Fruitful, maybe a /TP fruitball Media the chosen one has been found who is the chosen one? It’s fruitball Yes, so it actually said Doni is a duck Oh my God So guys we hit our like goal and used to come on the server and save Doni’s a duck, You could become the chosen one. I am the chosen one! There we go now He’s the chosen one you know I’m going to do hello Fruit! say anyone’s name in chat to kill them Literally all he has to do is Say anybody’s name, and they will die. I just want to see how far this guy is going to take this I wonder if he’ll actually kill people Doni oh God he putted we put a space in there. Oh my God Doni’s not online. Who’s bored died. Oh My God that is awesome Okay, so literally all you have to do is collect people’s names, and they will die You know I should give this to someone else who really want this guy’s like he doesn’t even know What’s going on? You know I think I think he’s going to lose the chosen one because I don’t feel like this guy I don’t feel like he actually wants it. You know we’re going to we’re going to go someone else that sucks RGA’s busy he wouldn’t sure Thank you you so if you must have been there for the briefing last night Guys hang out my discord if you want to have heads-up on stuff like this Alright, you know what I’m just going to make Katie say Doni’s a duck. The chosen one has been found! /Tp. Hades the pyro and now it’s me like wait what because it sent him back to say you are the chosen one I’m the chosen one. No, you’re not It’s hades the pyro I’m sorry he better not type me I would be so mad if you type Cp I keep saying yet because honestly then everyone will know what’s going on And he’ll probably just sit there and kill me over and over and over and over and over again like literally type Anyone’s name! My cat had babies. It. Did. It’s like I try to make the stupid cat He’s more excited about the cat sunny is the fact that he could kill anybody by typing their name in chat. You know it’s harder to get people to kill people than you think! I thought this would be like it easy I’ll just give it to them kill yousef. No. No just their name just their name Alright it has to be their full name And you can use tab to find it so basically they start typing just be like a tab kill them oh Kill him come on dude. You know you want to It’s got all the stupid cats in here YAYHeyPip. /tp YAYHeyPip just died! YoussefBadr. /tp YoussefBadr! My God freaking rip oh my God. Hey say my name again *LAUGHS* Think he’s starting to realize what kind of power he has oh It’s awesome. I want to see who in this group. It’s going to get killed next there. We go and Youssef died Oh, that’s awesome. Any say anyone’s day hades could kill anyone! Nice. She’s on Jason DissapointedTaco died Who’s actually doing it!HAHAHA My God all these random people are definitely dying! king be like wtf! My God yes, it’s just a random person. Oh My God that is awesome This dude probably had nothing to do with any of that, and he just died Oh my God, you know you can hold anybody at Ransom with that Say Doni and RGA don’t you dare no. Oh, thank God no That would suck that would suck so much You know as soon as I give it to the whole server because this is the entire server trolling guys even though right now now, We’re slowly trolling the whole server Eventually I’m going to give it to everybody. I’m allowed everybody to say anybody’s name and it will kill them and this will turn into Just a crazy crazy thing this would be awesome /spawn KingDealer. Look, he likes KingDealer for some reason! oh my God Why me? “Dissapointed Taco Died!” *laughs* All right, Imma sudo hades to say, should I make you all the chosen ones? There we go should I make you all the chosen ones? Let’s see what people say! Come on. Do it You just killed Youssef out of nowhere. I’ll stop you sir. I Love it. It’s so red. Oh it was so random alright We got a we got to do this and these cats are driving me crazy No one answered that question should I make you all the chosen ones? Yes, alright here. We go. Let’s do this Alright, so it says you are now the chosen one anyone should be able to kill anybody oh my God /Tp yousuf YouSuf is Dead oh My God yes, it’s working People are dying /Tp. disappointed taco DisappointedTaco’s trying to come back. He’s like I can’t I can’t do it. Oh I can say let’s just double check that it works, but yep It sure does So guys come on Smp1 and see if it still up when you get here. I’ll try to shut it off with no guarantees Oh my God, everyone can say any name king dealer died look at all the people dying. Oh no, no, I can’t like I’m dying. No. I do it I did It there you know why I can’t respawn. I cant respawn! Legit can’t be smart dammit. Why I have to find that out know Why me oh? my God I I knew someone would do that, goddang it!now I’m never gonna be able to respond to be able to turn this configure. Haha You know who did it to me? Hold on. Let’s see All right, there’s got to be discovered. Who is the one you’re killed by the chosen one see I told you oh? my God Let’s just pick names any tab and then how about B tab C let’s just go through the alphabet so C tab D tab e tab left d f g? H, I wonder if we’ll be able to get through the whole alphabet J K while we’re getting close l m Then oh it still ends. Oh oh That really knows either p. What’s q R? Okay, so s t Let’s go with you. No, use v w x x x y & z Thanks kilowatt. It shows the one thing it go That was killed by the Chosen one oh Ding, I’m getting spammed. Oh, oh I guess this is war. This is war. I Can’t respond there killing me too quick. All right. Let’s just go let’s go use them I guarantee you it’s yousef xx evey Bend vintage boom It appears to be random say anyone’s name and they die I Forget that some of the people on the server don’t realize that That’s how this works yes. Oh, I can’t respond No, this is not fair Stop it goddang it. Oh my God. Oh My God of course they all attack me slice. Oh my God hates you so much Well, I guess I’m gonna have to end it stroll here is I can’t respawn /Tp Let’s just go to you. So if it’s super. He’s the hex alright. So here’s yusef punch oh my Godand youssef died! Love it. Oh my God you guys know that is What have I done oh? God, I got I can’t even get officer. I can’t get the server to go to one of the other servers oh my God This would point a tiger so many people are dying Kiss you permission. Oh my God Actually my craft died oh oh My God, this is so stupid. This is this was a terrible idea. How did I think this would be a good idea? Oh? I can’t I can’t even I can’t come back. Oh my God mary, baby. Oh My God, please I just want to get to a different server alright. Oh my God I need to just get to like the other service I can turn this on @ soompi Got Dang it I stopped Lessonpix you I escaped I shanked oh my god. Oh my God alright, so nametag been able True and S Mp + Sp. 3. I’m Gonna do the same thing here Name tag enabled true server is one of the servers. Let’s do it on roleplay. Let’s do it on this one as well main tag enable true Servers let’s go to tiny Roleplay turn nametag on here, and I think that’s pretty much Let’s do it on the hubs alright guys, so the first person to go onto those servers will become the chosen one and All you have to do is say Doni is a duck alright so yeah
that’s the rest of these would be a little unfair but Hey guys first person on any of those servers there any of the hubs and these ones here you be the chosen one All you got to do is say Doni is a duck and if you say it You become the chosen one and you can literally kill anyone just by simply saying their name so that’s how that works Thank you guys for helping me hit the light goal really appreciate it. – you guys are freaking awesome Let’s go back to Sp. One see if I can live for more than a few stay You know I come back, and then die that’s not fair. It’s not fair it just what a play oh my God They get like I will remember this they had entropy light let’s kill light, and then entropy was the other one there we go know Who did that Tigers King? King there. We go. That’s right. Yes. Oh My God, this is a terrible idea This is a terrible idea. Oh my God. Why did I take this? Oh? God alright. Well. Oh my God ball. It’s the first time. He’s long wait balls kill ball ball long now Yes, I got him oh My God Dang it stop People are getting so mad oh My God, I can’t respawn now. I think they keep up. They’re bad they Are mad oh God alright guys? Well? I’m not gonna be able to play on here probably long enough to turn the command off actually Kill Dang it. Oh My God, I love this, but you know what I’ll see you guys later We hope you have a great day actually you know what I’m going to go Slash servers let’s go – I’m going to do this on the oh, God No, slash servers. I’m gonna go do this on jail – so whoever wants to own jail. Come on jail and say Daddy It’s duck, and you could be like the jail warden, and you can kill it and you bought it All right, but I’ll see you guys later Thank you so much for helping to get helping me get to that light goal If you haven’t already drop a like on this video if you enjoyed it and make sure to check back Tuesdays and Thursdays for live streams as well as other days for rain streams and more videos But don’t worry guys episode 3 if you haven’t seen episodes 2 & 1 yet Go check out those whole server trolls as well, and I’ll see you guys later. I hope everybody has a great day good bye ever I Pod a That’s always guys. Thanks for watching if you liked this video make sure to check out one of these other videos here I think you might like them and if you do don’t forget stuff like and I’ll see you guys next time goodbye everybody Captions by 𝐙𝐢𝐧𝐤 𝐙𝐨𝐨𝐝𝐥𝐞𝐬 – 𝐘𝐓! 𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐲.𝐜𝐜/𝐳𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐳𝐨𝐨𝐝𝐥𝐞𝐬