Java Hosting with Tomcat in the Cloud at JavaPipe

This is the SiteWorx control panel where customers can login to control their Java Tomcat hosting. Make sure to enter your actual domain name in the last field and don’t leave the server hostname. This is the home page of the SiteWorx control panel where you get an overview of your Java web hosting. This widget is where you can get support 24/7, 365 days a year with just a single click. The “Tomcat Control” menu allows you to stop, start and restart your Tomcat container from within the SiteWorx control panel. You also get full SSH access where you can find a vanilla Tomcat installation, which you can also manually stop/start using and shell scripts. You can also view resource usage of your Java web hosting plan. Here you can manage email accounts, create email forwarders, aliases, autoresponders and even groups. This is the webmail selector where you can select Roundcube, Horde or Squirrelmail to access your email accounts from anywhere without the need of an email client. This is where you can add pointer domains and subdomains additionally to your main domain name. JavaPipe’s Tomcat hosting even supports the CDN and web security provider CloudFlare, which you can configure here. You can also add your own SSL or take advantage of the free SSL we offer through Let’s Encrypt. Manage your FTP accounts and even view active PHP sessions. This is where you can manage your unlimited MySQL databases. …and MySQL users too. phpMyAdmin is also available for MySQL database management. Of course you can manage Cronjobs too! This is a 1-click CMS installer called Softaculous. JavaPipe’s Tomcat plans support PHP code as well, which means you can run Java/JSP and PHP scripts at the same time – hybrid style. You can configure advanced email features as well, such as SPF and DKIM. Advanced spam filtering settings are available too. You can easily create backups, restore from backups and schedule backups with JavaPipe’s JAVA hosting plans. Of course you also have access to all sorts of statistics, including bandwidth, traffic and visitor stats. The online file manager can be extremely useful if you don’t have access to SSH or FTP at the moment but need to edit a file. Check out what else JavaPipe’s Tomcat hosting has to offer, at: