How to Register a Domain Name with GoDaddy

– Hey everyone, Eric here, and I’m gonna show you
the step-by-step guide on how to register your domain name once you’ve found the perfect one online. (upbeat music) Okay, so we’re on
searching for our domain name. Type it in that search bar, click search, hopefully it’s available. Sweet, it’s available! Let’s get on it right now. Millions of people are
on the site all the time, we’re definitely wanna get
this as soon as we can. We have this Buy 3 and
Save bundle underneath if you want it, add to the cart. I don’t need it, so I’m
gonna go on without it. I’m gonna click Continue to Cart. Okay, before we get the
domain fully registered, we have the option to add privacy. We do it for you automatically
because it keeps you safe from spam. If you don’t want either of them, you can choose No Thanks. Also, you can add an email address, which you won’t create right
now, but it’ll give the ability to add it later. Select that if you want it and then continue with these options. Once we continue with these options, now we’re gonna have to create an account, so that button’s on the left. Click Create Account. Now, from here, you have
the option to use Facebook, I’m not gonna do that. I’m old school. Next option is to put
your email address in and your username. A lot of people use their email
address as their username, or at least the beginning,
so it’s easy to remember. Then make your password, make sure you hit all the requirements. Once everything’s filled in,
that green Create Account button should light up,
go ahead and click it, and we’ll go to the next page. All right, so on the complete
purchase page here now, we’re almost done. Don’t give up yet, we’re almost there. On the right, you can see the domain name you selected already. Make sure it’s spelled right,
first of all, because this is your last chance before you buy it. Right underneath that
spelled domain name is actually a time amount. You can click on it, and
it’s a little drop down, you can get one year, five
years, all the way up to 10. This is how long you’re gonna purchase the domain name for before it renews. You can see the pricing
on the right of what it’s gonna cost you, and right
underneath that drop down, you can see what it’s
gonna renew at per year. Make sure to keep that
number in mind when it comes up to renew so there’s no surprises. There, you can also see if you
added privacy or protection and the amounts are on the right. They should match up with
however many you selected from that drop down. We also have the billing information. This is where you select
your payment method and fill in the details
of that payment method with your billing info. In this recommended for you section, we have a couple of last minute
additions, if you want them. Like, search engine visibility to help you with the key words, or email address if you
want it, along with some matching domain names
that are also available, you can add these last
minute if you want to. All right, last step. Click Complete Purchase and that was it. We did it! That’s the step-by-step on how to get your domain name registered once
you find it’s available. Moral of the story, if it is available, register it as quick as you can, because you never know
who else might want it. I’m Eric, thanks for stopping by. (upbeat music)