How to Change a Domain’s Nameservers from GoDaddy to Rackspace Cloud DNS

in this video our guide you through the
process of changing your DNS nameservers from a domain registered at Go Daddy. By
default when you register domain name at GoDaddy, that domain will be configured to
use GoDaddy’s DNS servers. The purpose of DNS servers is to keep a record of where
to send internet traffic whenever a user tries to access that domain name. In some cases you need to change your
domain name servers to a different service provider. In this example I will show you had to
change your domain’s nameservers from GoDaddy the Rackspace Cloud DNS service.
This process is exactly the same regardless of the Service are switching
your nameservers to. The only difference is the nameserver information. These
settings will be provided to you by your service provider. So the first thing I do is log into my
GoDaddy account. So I’ve already gone to and I’m just going to sign in. Here I’m going to select “Manage” on our
domain section here. And here we have the domain that I registered in the previous video I’m going to click on this gear here and select managed DNS Now, it’s going to show me all the DNS entires, and these are the entries
that are entered into the GoDaddy nameserver but now I want to change the nameservers to something else specifically Rackspace’s cloud DNS. So i am going to click on Settings here here you can see what the nameservers
are currently set to so what I need to do is find out what
the name servers are for the Rackspace Cloud DNS so I’ve already logged into my cloud
account here, and I’m going to go to “Networking” and I’m going to click on “Cloud DNS” and currently, I don’t have any domains registered
because I don’t have any name servers pointed to the Rackspace Cloud Service
yet. So I’m going to click on Rackspace’s name
servers right over here and this will pull up when I need to set
the new server entries to. So I’m just going to copy this first server name, and I’m going to go back to the GoDaddy control panel. Under the name servers section, I’m going to click “Manage” and by default it is has the “Standard” GoDaddy selected. I want to select “Custom” because I want to enter in my new name servers and I’m going to click “Enter custom nameservers” and here is going to paste the first one and then go back copy and then paste the new one here and then click “OK” and finally I’m going to click “Save” and now a new domain’s have been entered and it does say
that it is going to take a little bit of time before these new settings take
effect but that’s basically all there is to
changing your DNS nameservers for a domain registered in GoDaddy and of course if you ever want to change
them back you can simply click on “Manage” and then just select “Standard” and then it will switch it right back the old domain name service at GoDaddy Be sure to check out some of my other guided videos and
if you have any suggestions for videos you would like to see, please leave those in the comments
below. Thanks for watching!