Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer

There are three quick
things you can do with the Google Toolbar. In developing Toolbar, our
engineers made it quicker to do a search on
by placing the search box right here. You don’t need to leave
the page you’re on to do a Google search. As you type, the toolbar
makes suggestions. Let’s say you want to
find information about Leonardo Da Vinci. After typing the first few
letters, Toolbar shows the list of the most popular
searches. Also, you can search specific
kinds of information, such as images or news articles,
by clicking right here. For example, you can look
for images of Da Vinci and his paintings. As you can see, all of the
results are images. Toolbar also lets you bookmark
your favorite websites. For example, if you want to save
this page on Leonardo Da Vinci, just click the
Toolbar star icon. Now you can just click the
Bookmarks menu to come back to this page at any time. One frustration you might find
on the internet is having to fill out online forms over
and over and over. Google Toolbar also saves
time here with a feature called auto-fill. Whenever you come across an
online form, just click the auto-fill button, and Toolbar
will automatically fill in your name, address, and
other information. Where can you find out more
about Google Toolbar? Visit