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[Intro Music playing] Hello Friends! I am Abhishek and I welcome you in this new
video of Gadgetstouse And today I will tell you how you can make
a cloud for yourself Now you must be thinking cloud is cloud
But no we are not talking about that cloud we are talking about cloud computing
When we say your data is on the cloud, that cloud When we say that your data is on cloud
It’s basically in a computer of a third party Your data is on someone else’s computer and you say it cloud
When you upload a file on internet It goes on the cloud
So basically it’s a terminology which is called cloud
So in cloud computing it’s another computer on which you send your data through your computer
In this case your data is in their hands And somehow it’s not that safe
So why not a cloud server for yourself Which is very safe and in your control
And you can access it from any part of the world
Store your files on that So yes, let’s welcome your own cloud computer
Which is from synology It’s called synology disk station
It is kind of a storage device Which can be connected to your home or office
wifi network And even through the LAN
You can also add an external drive You before moving further in this video I
would like to tell you that If you want to win this giveaway
Then click on the link and give some info and you can win this synology disk station Which can be very useful in your home or in your office
You are two slots here You can remove the cover like this
You can put the kind of Hard drive that you see in your computer Yes, you can insert magnetic HDD of 1 TB, 2 TB, 8 TB, 16TB
Whichever capacity of HDD you want to use you can use
You are 2 slot options here for the HDD And it’s very easy to insert the HDD
And you don’t need any cable connection All you have to do is put the HDD in the casings
which is very easy There is a lock here
Once you open it here you can put the HDD out
And in the same way you can put it inside And once the drive is inside the casing you
can put it like this in the station And it will be connected directly
You don’t have to make any cable connection by yourself
If we talk about the connectivity here How it can become your home server And you want to watch a 4k video at your home So watch it on your TV by accessing the drive
Whether through wifi or through LAN cable You are getting an application for both
Through which you can access the data Whatever stored on this synology disk station
You can access it on your phone or your TV You can access the data anywhere
Also to sen the data you don’t have to be in home or in your office
If it is at your home or office and it is powered on
Then you can access it from any corner of the world
With the help of the APP Which can be downloaded for android or iOS
And store it on here Suppose if you are on a trip and you have
captured so many pictures And you are feeling that the storage of your
phone is running out So you can upload that data by using the hotel’s
wifi to your home Disk station The main thing is that to run this you need power
And there is a cooling fan is given heree So that the cooling of the HDD keeps happening We know whenever we use this kind of HDD It gets heat up
So it has proper cooling and proper connectivity And you are also getting an indication here
As you can see here there are many indicator are given here
It tells you the condition of the disk 1 and 2 Also if the LAN network is ON or not Also the status of the device
And all this info is given here you are getting a connectivity at the front
too so if you want to a USB drive etc then you
can put it directly here the power button is given on the bottom here
which can be turned on also the reset button is given here
if we talk about the back side then you are getting more connectivity option
here so if you want to 2-3 USB drives
then you can use 2 pen drives in the back here
also the smaller portable hard drives can be used here
also you are given the LAN 45 port here through which can connect the hard wire here
and you don’t have to depend on the wifi and you can connect it through the LAN network
also the ESATA port is given here through which you can connect the HDD directly
here so you are getting 2 HDD in here but if you
want to use 1 more then that option is also given here
and if I talk about the build quality, durability and look and feel
so look and feel is very good, no problem here the logo of the synology is given here and it is very good for home and office use
and we have been using it in our Gadgetstouse office for 3-4 weeks now
and it is very good and we have been storing our data on here
and after backing up your data you can automatically send your data through your PC
there is a program for that which can be controlled by you
you can create profile for users which means different people can login and
use different profiles some part can be access by them and some not
meaning you can restrict data access which gets backed up automatically
through your PC or mobile phone install the program on your PC and the app
in your phone the data gets backed up automatically
so you don’t have to do anything in case if your phone breaks
the data from there will be backed up here because as soon as the phone gets wifi it
will send the data automatically similarly the PC or desktop computer will
make the backup if we talk about the specification of this
then there is processor inside this too
through which it runs you are getting 64 bit Celeron processor here 2 GB of RAM and 32 TB expandable memory option That means you can use two 16 TB drive here You can also use 2.5 inch portable hard drive here
And the big 3.5 inch hard drive can also be used as I showed you earlier
So you put every type of magnetic hard drive here
You have an SSD then you can access that by the using the ESATA port
There is one more interesting feature of this synology disk station
Is that by using quick connect ID you can access it any part of the world
You can access the data, delete it, back it up
And you are getting a domain name for that too
So whatever user name you have assigned to the disk station
By using the same user name And type “”
And you can access your drive And do to that you don’t have to remember
any IP address You can access it very easily
That’s why you are given quick connect ID here To access the data on the phone there are different types of apps here are provided
Like DS photo, DS video and DS get To get more apps like this you can get it
from the play store If you have to do any specific type of task
You have to access specific type of data That can be done here otherwise the file browser
You can access any type of file or delete So friends this is how it is a centralized storage device is
It is your own server You can maintain it by yourself
And keep it at your home There is no problem at all
The data on here is encrypted And no one can access it
And it is also safe Because it is in your possession In today’s world data is very important and very expensive
So keep your data in your possession at your home or at your office
So that no one can mess with that and give you any kind of trouble in future
So that’s it in this video Thank you very much
I hope you liked this video If you have any query question about this
video Then write that down in the comment section
that’s it in this video Thank you very much
Jai Hind! Vande Matram! [Outro music playing]