Why Storing Data On The Aws Cloud Is Secure, Private and Safe?

Secure Aws Cloud

So to start with really we’ve got multiple data centers in multiple regions across the globe. This really has been built over the years. We’ve got what 16 regions today across the globe each of these regions having multiple data centers or availability zones as we call them and what we have done over the years is complying with very stringent data protection norms and certified ourselves with industry standard certifications to ensure that our customers data are collected and they can leverage us on the on the computer in storage platforms using these certifications.

Certifications List

Now I can obviously keep talking about multiple ways in which we comply with those norms but what I’ll also do is really show you a list of certifications that we are complied for including ISO 27,001, PCI DSS compliance which is really too with credit card industry so if you are a company using credit cards or sensitive to that the platform is PCI DSS compliant. We also complied with SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3 compliance, In fact SOC 3 compliances available to all the customers on a website. Most of the other compliance reports can be given to you under NDA. This is the standard practice as well and really what these set of compliance do is give confidence to our customers that our platform is audited by external agencies and parties and audit forms to ensure that we are complied against these certifications. Encryption is no different the common or novice sort of question most customers or new to platform ask us is how do we encrypt our data. Well I guess for a large part you can really use your own keys and encrypt your data just the same way as you would recommend it in a recommended way encrypted data in your own data centers.

Key Management Service

We actually give you options to encrypt them in a very transparent way in a very easy way by using some of our services or you could choose to bring your own keys and continue to use your own encryption mechanisms for data at rest and data in transit. For example we have a service called as KMS or key management service which is really a one clip one click encryption of your server and database storage in various forms by having a common service to centralize key management. So you can create, delete view, set policies and do stuff with this service it is completely transparent so if you have let’s say a hard disk over the network which is attached to your server on the cloud, you could with the click really transparently with the check mark, encrypt and decrypt your data stored on it and this is completely transparent to you all the mythologies of encryption I use. You could choose to import your in your own keys into KMS and choose to use your own tasting different decrypted data as well and there are the things like enforcing of key rotation and enforcing encryption of data with KMS as well.


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