Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting and What Is Virtual Private Server?

Virtual Dedicated Server

Are you looking to move up from shared hosting? Or lower the amount you spend on your dedicated servers? Well now is the time to go virtual! Virtual servers have come a long way in recent years. Until recently, server virtualization at the operating system layer was at the core of commercial offerings. However, Microsoft Hyper-V technology works closer to the hardware layer, which means that you can now get the same experience of dedicated servers for less, with added flexibility. But what exactly do we mean by flexibility? We literally mean creating your own server: picking the RAM, CPUs and storage you want and need.


Picking the OS of your choice and then adding optional software, user licenses, and server administration plans. Another feature of our virtual servers is burst able RAM for better performance as well as snapshots of your virtual server so that you can restore to a given snapshot when required. With Apps4Rent, you submit your request and your custom server is ready in a few hours and whenever you need to upgrade your virtual server, it can be done in just minutes. You get full administration rights and root access to your server so you can install your own applications. You can use our virtual servers for many tasks, for example web designers and software developers can create specific environments for development, staging, and production.

Hosting companies use them for shared web, DNS and database servers and, they can add hosting control panels to their servers and, IT departments use our virtual servers for hosting business software and data. Or combined with our hosted Virtual Desktops, create a virtual office. Whatever your technical need, Apps4Rent has choices. When using Apps4Rent, you benefit from our powerful servers that are secure, reliable, backed up regularly, and located in multiple SAS 70 certified data centers. Apps4Rent is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, so we work closely with Microsoft to bring the latest software to the cloud and remember that over 10,000 companies in more than 50 countries have used Apps4Rent’s hosting services.

What Is Virtual Private Server? 

By the way, what is Virtual Private Server? What does it mean? Virtual Private Server is a server which you can have your own Operating System you can have your own bandwidth speed you can have your own disk space you can store any application you want and most important you can configure it in the way you like that’s interesting and i heard about it’s save a lot of money. How can it save a lot of money? Because, we do no need to buy a separate physical server it’s too expensive. That’s why VPS save your money. i got it. and you can also customized your Private Server How do we customized? You can customized it because you have choices You can choose the Operating System

You can either go for Windows or Linux you can choose your web mails you can go for either Smarter mail or Squirrel and you also choose the Operating Language to operate really? Yeah, you can either go with Java you can go with PHP, ASP.NET and by the way, it also give choose with database you can go with mySQL and SQL so, this all thing make up your server the customized that’s good. Moreover, VPS has a better resource allocation really? Yes.. you can start with Basic Features if you want a Advance Features, you can upgrade anytime. By the way, it gives you full control of Virtual Server. You can be your own administrator, and configure the setting according to your needs There also a lot of cool features Yes.. You can have up to 100GB of Web Space, you can have 4 virtual CPU 4GB of server memory 2TB of monthly data transfer and.. 5Mbps of bandwidth speed.


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