Surf Anonymously and From Other Countries With Mullvad Vpn

Surf Anonymously
  • The advantage of VPN, at least Mullvad, is that you can be completely anonymous. Their service has no data collection at all neither about you when you visit their site nor through their client. You send your IP address to them and they give you a new temporary IP address which has nothing to do with your physical address or your MAC address and then they hide your real IP address. They also have a protection, so if the VPN stops working they kill the connection completely, so that your real IP address won’t leak.
  • Another benefit that is a bit sneaky is that you can pretend you’re in another country. For you that prefer surfing privately and think it’s important that no data is collected about you, this service will give you cover for that as well. When for example you’re in an open network you use the VPN, at least with Mullvad your traffic is encrypted, so it’s safe even through other networks but when at home you get a combination of hopefully a safe router and antivirus, but above all encryption and anonymity through the VPN.
  • Last but not least another advantage which you might not think about which as become quite a big problem. That’s streaming. If you stream something, and someone is making you stop streaming or cheating or anything, one can do a DDoS attack. That is when you get many units making requests to the same unit with quite annoying effects from that. With the VPN you can hide if you’re a streamer and pretend like you’re not there.

But something to think about in VPN is that it affects the performance. You ask the VPN service to take a detour, so you don’t get to your closest data center. It’s worth considering if you play fast games like FPS. That can affect the latency. But for every day use, surfing, streaming and so on especially Mullvad has a really good track record of not affecting the bandwidth too much. But Mullvad, which we think is a company based in Gothenburg.

Response Time

We don’t know if their physical address also is hidden by a VPN-tunnel. But their servers are close to us, so we get a very good response time. But now I won’t go any deeper into the technology that’s behind this but instead look at how it is to use because that’s what’s most important. We use a physical activation code for Mullvad. You buy this in our stores or online. Then it comes like this, and you open it up and find the activation code inside. The reason you can buy it like this is for example to be able to pay in cash because the activation codes are not logged, they are completely autogenerated. We never get any information about these, they are completely anonymous. We will now follow the instructions how you get this service started.

The first thing we do when we get our activation code is to visit Here we will create a new account. When we create an account we get a generated account number. The number we receive is completely unique. It’s neither bound to you, any address, email or so on. The only thing you need for your account is this number. No passwords or anything. When we have it we will choose a time plan. This is a subscription model, and you buy six or twelve months at a time. What we want to do now is to activate our activation code together with this account number.


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