Solidfire Crucial Hosting and Vmware Journey To The Cloud With Dell Emc

Vmware Cloud

Crucial Paradigm’s goal is to make web presence easy and allow them to bring their mission-critical applications to the cloud. Our customers are essentially SME, so small to medium enterprises. We do focus a lot on digital agencies. Storage technology for awhile has been , lagging behind. Spinning disks have, have -haven’t changed speeds for many, many years, while processors and CPUs have all advanced very quickly with the cloud becoming very popular now and everybody moving their applications to the cloud, that for service providers means there hasn’t been a a storage solution that has addressed a lot of their requirements and needs. The current solutions out on the market aren’t, aren’t designed for service providers, and you can’t measure the performance, or limit, or guarantee any performance to, to our customers, and also they don’t have the scalability that , service providers require. For example , our left hand solution, we have to deploy multiple pods, so we have storage silos, which means we’ve got more, more management work , to, to manage each of those silos of storage, which requires m- more of our time.

Mission-Critical Applications

SolidFire enables us to, , give, give the customers opportunity to move their mission-critical applications to the cloud by guaranteeing them performance, which allows them to have trust and confidence in us as a service provider. SolidFire will enable us to go after customers that have traditionally utilized dedicated service for their business operations. You know, we can now not only just offer a reliable environment, but also guarantee disk performance, which is going to be a massive game changer. SolidFire allows Crucial Paradigm to , do different levels of performance without having separate tiers of storage. We have thousands of customers using the same storage system and we want to be able to, you know, adjust one customer’s performance and not have another customer’s performance be impacted.

Guaranteeing IOPS to customers , it’s going to be a massive game changer for us and also our industry in Australia. , we can go after customers, like I mentioned, who have the dedicated service, who need the performance though at the moment. We can now allocate that to them and scale it up and scale it down as they need it, not, again, purchasing, you know, massive amounts in advance. So for us going forward, , self, self-service for our customers is one of our top, top priorities, so the SolidFire enables us to do that, especially on the storage front, which we weren’t able to do prior because it allows customers to actually on the fly change their performance allocations, to set how much storage they require, without our inter- , any intervention.

Vmware Journey To The Cloud With Dell EMC

Organizations are increasingly turning to the cloud to enhance their IT infrastructure to reduce costs and improve management. At the same time, more and more applications are being run in virtual environments to increase efficiency and lower overhead. How can you ensure continued data protection for your VMs while leveraging the cloud to improve the bottom line? Dell EMC data protection makes it easy. Our backup storage enables long-term retention and archiving of your VMs to public or private cloud. We provide replication to and disaster recovery from the cloud 552including spinning up and running VMs directly from Amazon Web Services until your production environment is backed up and, we protect VMs running in the cloud with data protection for VMware cloud workloads on AWS. No matter where you are on your journey to the cloud, Dell EMC ensures protection for your VMs. Be the VMware cloud protection hero with Dell EMC.


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