Powering Transformation With Hybrid Cloud and Techradar Intelligence As Service

Powering Cloud Transformation

Komatsu Australia is part of the Komatsu Group worldwide, one of the largest manufacturers of earthmoving and mining equipment globally. Technology is at the heart of our DNA. We really believe that and our customers tell us routinely that the better the technology installed in their machines is, the better they can do their jobs. The age of our infrastructure environment put us in a position where we needed to make a decision to either continue to invest in our existing infrastructure and manage our own data centre or look to a cloud solution.

Private Cloud

We’ve implemented Telstra’s private cloud, which is hybrid ready. Telstra cloud delivers infrastructure to us as a service, and that means we’re no longer managing VMs and data centres on a day-to-day basis. The team is now more focused on working with the business and delivering against business outcomes, and high availability and high reliability of our infrastructure environment is something that is critical to us. We run a series of applications these days for our customers, like KOMTRAX. KOMTRAX is a remote monitoring system offered by Komatsu. It monitors the health and performance of the machines. KOMTRAX utilizes the Telstra network to gather this information. It’s available for our customers to log in at any time via the internet or by their mobile phone.

Productivity really is key for our customers, so if we can use the telemetry information coming off our machines to help identify opportunities to improve the productivity, our customers are going to get a lot more out of their machines and this is really our key focus in using the data. In our industry where our customers are so widely dispersed in so many remote corners of the country, it’s important that we partner with organizations that have a similar level of quality and coverage that we require. Telstra is the gold standard in this sense. Telstra gives us the coverage we need in all of the remote areas and allows us as a business to trust that we’re going to be able to go forward in the directions that we need.

Techradar Intelligence As Service

There are several risks. First of all, we have to consider, the most obvious, for example: all these data which contain the records of our voice, images and photos will be permanently stored in repositories which users do not have the access for it and we will not be able to delete or set any restrictions to the form which are been used and the risks which are not so obvious, for example: these records which we have mentioned continue to feed repositories that monopolize the data which are exist on the Internet by big traditional companies which will lead that their models become monopolies because they are going to be the only one which have this amount of data to feed. On the other hand, the capture of this data won’t be the only data which is the main objective thing here, but also it comes accompanied by accidental captures of additional data, such as vehicle plates, faces and voices of other people which actually can lead to several privacy issues.

Finally, there are industries for which confidentiality is very important for them like medical industries that can’t share the data of their patients. For models, to increase their level of accuracy, it needs data sets because the bigger and more varied they are, the better models they produced. As a result, we will have some or several parts of these models that will have inputs which will produce inaccurate results for inputs which are different from those of limited sets for which they were trained and this will necessarily lead us to biased models and algorithms in the industry.


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