Myrepublic Adopts Unified Cloud With Red Hat Openstack Platform


MyRepublic is an ultra-fast fibre broadband company, with a regional footprint across Asia Pacific. We are growing really aggressively. We hope to enter other markets such as Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Sri Lanka for example. Vertically, we want to grow the product sets that we have. One of the biggest challenges for us is the ability to scale applications across multiple hardware. Currently, the way we set up involves single servers with VMs, virtualized on those servers.

  • The challenge is that if there is a problem with one of those hardware servers, we’re not able to move those applications quickly enough to the other servers that are still active and running.
  • The other challenge is optimizing the resources. Before cloud, the problem was that our servers were idle, utilized five percent of the time while other servers were seeing huge loads. We’re unable to move those loads across the servers effectively and efficiently. We deployed Red Hat OpenStack Platform, as well as Red Hat Ceph Storage.

They replaced our existing and legacy VMware Platform and played a big role in unifying our platform across the region and supporting various applications such as networking, voice and IT applications. We decided to move ahead with the open source Red Hat private cloud solution. If we didn’t go on this path and we chose the previous way we deployed our server infrastructure, it would definitely pose challenges for us especially in markets like Australia where we’re seeing aggressive growth. We expect the cost savings to be about 30%. Cost savings aside, this platform has helped us ensure we’re able to provide our solutions and services without any downtime.

Open Source Technology

This unified platform allows us to bring the same open source technology to all our regions. From an administrative standpoint, we’re able to manage the whole platform with less manpower. For the application owners, they can leverage the resources that are already available on the platform. This gives us a shorter time to market. Red Hat Consulting came down for an implementation workshop with the IT team, with the network team and with the voice team. Red Hat Consulting team was a great help in planning and deploying the platform.

The reason we worked with Red Hat was we didn’t want a vendor lock-in situation. We really love Red Hat for the fact that they totally understand us. My team are predominately engineers and Red Hat saw that from day one. They only brought in their engineering teams, rather than sales people to come in and pitch to us. That removed the sales layers and allowed us to really dig deep into the solution. It’s an amazing relationship. We want to expand across different markets in this region and having a stable cloud platform allows us to do that at a very fast pace. We still have dreams of becoming a mobile player in the region. Mobility requires a lot of infrastructure and for us to optimize the use of infrastructure and reduce costs and private cloud is a perfect solution.


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