How To Secure Files On Cloud Space and Ec2 Management Console


We all use different kinds of cloud services like Google Drive, one drive, Dropbox and many more but the question is can we trust them? if your answer is no then I bring to you a solution called Cryptomator . Cryptomator is a software used for encryption and before letting you know how to use it and why to use it, let me tell you how secure it is,

  1. Firstly it uses open source, which means there are no backdoors to get hacked
  2. Secondly, it uses 256-bit encryption which is very powerful against brute force hacking, to be exact there is this number of combinations which can be there and it will take one year for a hardware which will cost 43 billion dollars to crack the code.

Now let me tell you how to get it. Go to the,  click on the zero and download and please contribute if you like the software. In the next window, it will automatically detect your OS if it is Mac, Linux or windows, choose 64 or 32 bit and install accordingly. After installing, open it and click on the add new vault button and create a new vault. Choose the destination, as I want to sync it with the one drive I’m choosing Onedrive,. Write down the name for your vault, you can write anything here; I’m writing Elite Technocrat.

Strong Password

Now create a password and be sure to make a strong and a password which you will remember because once you forget it there is no way to get it back and your content will be lost, so make it and write it down if you want. After creating enter the password again to unlock the vault now anything which you will do or put in this folder will be encrypted automatically. So I’m going to add a photo from my camaflouged folder. This is the pic I want to encrypt and upload to the One drive so I just copy it and paste it in the folder and then just lock the vault and now if I will go in the one drive on my device, Everything will be showed in the encrypted form. You will also not know what file I have uploaded to this. like you can see it is showing the file and not the jpeg file. so now it’s synched to the one drive and now if I see in the One drive, you can see everything is encrypted and Microsoft doesn’t know what I have uploaded here. To add more stuff or to edit the stuff which you have already added to the drive sorry the vault then just add the password to your vault and unlock it and add more stuff to it or edit, which you have already added

EC2 Management Console

Here is my AWS ELB console. On the bottom are my two unhealthy ec2 instances. This is a static website that connects to the load balancer. Now I go to start the node-red web socket server in my first ec2 instance. Looking at health checks It detects it is healthy (426 status code was received). The measure and values are being updated which means we have a connection to the node-red on the first ec2. Now I go to start the node-red on the second ec2 instance. Looking at the health of the second instance I then kill -9 the node-red on my first ec2 instance, the one the client is connected to. The client has stopped getting updates ELB detects the instance is unhealthy. The web socket reconnection timeout makes this a little bit slower, but eventually we reconnect telling the new server all of our previous subscriptions.


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