Durability Of File On Cloud and At&T Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

A lot of customers ask us what our chances of files or data possibly being lost once they’re uploaded on the cloud because of natural events or other reasons and answer the question is we provide durability by replicating data within the data centers of the same region by ensuring that no data or file is ever lost and so we have a service called as Amazon storage simple storage service or also called as S3 which was one of our first ever services release eleven years ago the way we replicate that data transfer into customers within that same region or geographic region in that city. We actually end up providing 11 nines of durability. Yes you heard that right which means the chances of your data getting lost is extremely rare we hold trillions of objects on this storage service and customers continue to trust us by putting objects on this service and the replication ensures even when we have failures hard disk failures otherwise the data is never ever get lost.

Data Import And Export

The second the other common question that we keep getting is data import and export. So how do I let’s say you as a customer have your data grown your data on the AWS platform has grown, your email archives have grown, over the years to be terabytes and terabytes. Some fine day you decide to move out of the clouds you want to occupy eight are downloaded to kind of test it or take it away for another purpose and really with Snowball which is a service released about a little more than a year ago. It’s an appliance by AWS, where you can actually export or import data up to 80 terabytes per unit very very easily. So you can actually use multiple storage units to actually import export data. Both ensuring ingest or even data in e-jest which is export from the S3 storage service and so all it takes is going through a wizard, using this appliance this is completely tamper-proof, encrypts all your data and you can actually carry your data externally from AWS, it exported out and be there with different interfaces including network interface cable so 45 you could come connect to a network and then copy of the data as well. So whatever data that goes in can be exported as well. There is no locking because we never believed in lock-in and so everything that is imported into AWS can always be exported the same way.

At&T Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Cloud isn’t a NextGen methodology. It’s today’s business model. Organizations that want to thrive need to leverage self-service infrastructures of their own. That means utilizing capabilities like advanced storage, security, and analytics in hybrid clouds and when you’re creating your own path to success, you need an infrastructure that’s developed end-to-end with your needs and goals in mind. Most of all, you need to be in control of your investment. AT&T makes agile operations and rapid innovation possible for your business by building and managing integrated solutions tailored to your budget and your business plan that let you work, grow, and transform. Combined with our global networking expertise, you can optimize computing, storage, and software development in a cloud-based environment improving flexibility and security for you and your partners. This seamless integration is backed by powerful security from AT&T NetBond, allowing you to confidently develop, store, and deliver in the cloud. Hybrid Cloud Solutions by AT&T make you stronger today with a head start on tomorrow.


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