Convert Data Into Insight and Create New Linux Ami Ec2 Instance In 5 Minutes


Today everyone is talking about analytics, how to use information to make better decisions, faster, to be more competitive. The question you face is how to streamline analysis and drive quickly to new insights, so you stay ahead of the conversation and the competition. Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service provides more than just spreadsheets and pretty visuals. It’s based on a market leading platform that empowers you to handle the entire analytics process quickly and easily. To get started, you’ll load your data, from files, on-premise systems and cloud applications into the best-in-class Oracle Database.

  • BI Cloud Service provides easy-to-use interfaces for importing data so you can get going right away. Most of the time data isn’t formatted for analysis and it takes a lot of work to get it ready.
  • BI Cloud Service makes it simple to prepare your data. In a few easy steps you can review column headers and data types for accuracy and create relationships across datasets from different sources.
  • BI Cloud Service helps you get more from your data by enabling you to create an array of pre-packaged analytic functions and statistical calculations that extend your analysis. It’s so straightforward you can do it yourself or engage in a quick collaboration with other experts. Now you’re ready to see the story in your data, using BI Cloud Services gallery of intuitive, interactive visuals, including charts and performance tiles, heat maps and trellis grids. If you’re not sure what visual to use,
  • BI Cloud Service will automatically suggest the best way to present your data. Once you have an analysis that reveals new insights, you want to share it securely with your coworkers, no matter where they are on what device they are using.
  • With BI Cloud Service all your analytics are immediately available for mobile, with no extra work, and of course, there’s fine grain security so people see only what they should. All this is on your terms. BI Cloud Service is available when you need it, with that data you want, backed up and updated on your schedule through easy self-service administration and it’s in the cloud, which offers you new levels of reliability and agility that are critical to your success.
  • With BI Cloud Service the power of Oracle’s in market-leading database and technology is accessible to everyone, Oracle BI Cloud Service– empowering you to convert data into insights.

AWS – How To Create New Linux AMI EC2 Instance In 5 Minutes?

Let’s create new Linux AMI and connect through MobaXTerm. Prerequisites needed are AWS Login and MobaXTerm application. Sign in to your AWS login. For free tier login we need to select t2.micro Instance Select Default VPC. It will have all the necessary settings required for connection. Check no. of instances. If more than one instance is required it can be entered here If any specific IAM role is needed it can be used. Else it can be set to None. Give appropriate name to the Instance Make sure SSH port no. 22 is added in security group. Now Launch the Instance Create New Key Pair and name it. It can be reused next time once created. Now download the Key Pair to use it later once the Instance Status shows running copy the Public IP to connect it with MobaXterm. Now open MobaXTerm. Now enter the public IP and then specify username as EC2-user Now click on Advanced settings and select. Use private Key check box Select the downloaded *.pem file that was created when Instance was launched. Now the Linux Instance is Launched Type ‘sudo su’ command to work as root user.


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