Comodo Nxsiem Cloud and Remote Connection With The Mguard Secure Cloud

Mguard Secure Cloud

Logs are generated everywhere Applications, clients, servers, the internet of things everywhere. Often, these logs are overlooked. But they contain crucial data about the things going on in your environment Performance, errors, failures, Security Absolutely. Most security threats can be solved by simply monitoring logs. Even advanced, sophisticated threats can be handled. This is why many authorities demand log monitoring for security compliance.

The Problem?

There are many logs, and more logs, and many more logs. It’s impossible to get valuable information by yourself from just one log source. You can’t connect all that information, from multiple sources, and analyze all of it. Enter the SIEM systems. They can connect, search and analyze log data. Which is cool, Great technology but for a high price. License, Hardware, Maintenance, Update and upgrade, Scalability, Storage, Back up… and dozens of other things you may not care about but still pay for. Comodo NxSIEM Cloud platform is different. In all the right ways. Sign up for the free trial to Comodo NxSIEM Cloud and begin using it right away. Comodo NxSIEM Cloud platform provides single Pane of Glass view, for Security Intelligence with pre-set dashboards, queries, reports and correlation rules. Comodo NxSIEM Cloud platform help you generate valuable content instantly after receiving your logs. Sending logs to NxSIEM Cloud couldn’t be easier.

There are no upfront costs, no hardware or software on premise to maintain. Just pay for what you use and let us think about all other issues. The predictable, simple license model of Comodo NxSIEM Cloud platform is based on log size and will give you peace of mind. The monthly payment model helps you manage your cash flow. The complex event processing and real time advanced correlation features of Comodo NxSIEM Cloud platform will empower you with attack-detection right on time, allowing you to take corrective measures immediately. Comodo NxSIEM Cloud platforms big data architecture enables on demand scalability. You can scale your log size without worrying about the bill or sacrificing performance. To learn more about the advantages of Comodo NxSIEM Cloud platform and what it can do for your business, please visit Join Comodo NxSIEM Cloud today to enjoy low cost, end-to-end security visibility. Comodo, Creating Trust Online

Remote Connection Via VPN Service With Mguard Secure Cloud

First: Log-in to the mGuard Secure Cloud. If you don’t have an existing account yet, please go to and register. Then: In the main menu click the “Service Targets” tab and add a new machine. Enter the required data and make sure you fill in all mandatory fields. Packaging machine type b 2018 Start the VPN Builder to create the TC Cloud Client configuration. Select your TC Cloud Client type. Then configure the machine network by entering IP address and netmask and click on “next”. Please make sure you create your individual password for the TC Cloud Client. Remember: Changing the default password is one of the basic security requirements to have a secure network communication.

A good password consists of capital and small letters as well as numbers and special characters. Finally click on “request” and the configuration of the TC Cloud Client will be automatically created by the mGuard Secure Cloud. Download the provided configuration to your computer. Power the TC Cloud Client with 24 Volt. Connect your PC to one of your LAN ports Then go to and access the TC Cloud Client web user interface. As the device is in default configuration, use standard credentials to log-in. You find this information on the device label. Navigate to “System” and click on “load configuration”. Select your TC Cloud Client configuration file and click on apply to load it into the device. Re-boot the TC Cloud Client and it will automatically create a VPN connection to the mGuard Secure Cloud, so you can talk to your remote machines!


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