Access Settings For The Microsoft Azure and Renting A Virtual Platform In Metatrader 4/5

Renting Virtual Platform

First we need to synchronize the time and time zone on the machine. Start EonOne and open the Settings menu. Enter System settings Click on the Time page. First set the time zone Time zone can be set to any zone, not necessarily where the machine is located Choose and press the Apply button. Next we will set the time. After pressing the Change button, a time setup menu will appear. Here you can enter network time server information to automatically synchronize time in the time zone or do them manually. Press the Apply button to complete time and time zone setup Second we need to make sure there’s at least one iSCSI block-level channel on the EonStor GS. Return to the Settings page.

Channel Type

Enter Access settings Make sure at least one iSCSI block level channel is connected. If you want to change the channel type simply click on Channel and press the Edit button to change. The system will then restart Next we need to create a pool to connect with Microsoft Azure. Return to the Settings page Enter Storage settings. Click to change to the Pool page. Press the Create Pool button. For dual-controller EonStor GS models a menu will appear to inquire whether the Pool is to be created with Symmetric Active-Active or Asymmetric Active-Active. Here we will demonstrate using Asymmetric Active-Active. For Create Pool we will demonstrate using a RAID6 Pool with four hard drives and assign it to Controller A We can see the Pool-1 that we just created in the list.

Now we need to acquire your Microsoft Azure user connection information including account name and access key. After logging in Microsoft Azure select storage account from the menu on the left. Click Add in the Storage account page and name your account. We will need to use this name later when operating GS connections. For account kind, here we will select blob storage. Other options can be configured according to your needs After creating an account, click your account select access key, and you will see two set of keys. In the last step we will demonstrate how to use the access key information we just acquired to connect the EonStoe GS with Microsoft Azure and upload data.

How To Rent A Virtual Platform In Metatrader 4/5?

You can rent a virtual server straight from the platform to copy a Signal Provider’s deals and ensure round-the-clock operation of your robots. You can do so from the context menu of the Navigator window. The virtual hosting wizard contains a brief guide for the platform migration. When selecting a virtual platform, it is best to choose a server with minimal latency to your broker. The first 24 hours of hosting are provided for free and they can be used for assessing or testing the service. Please note that in the paid plans the size of the discount is proportionate to the rental time. The longer you rent, the greater the discount is.

aObviously, a long term hosting is more beneficial. If you are not sure how long you will need the virtual platform for, select the minimal value and the option of automatic subscription renewal. Next you need to specify what you will be hosting for trading on your virtual platform: robots and indicators, the Signal provider’s deals, or all of them together. To complete migration, you need to press a separate button and complete the wizard operation. When the process is successfully completed, a message will be created in the platform journal. This journal also contains information in regard to programs, charts and symbols that are transferred to your virtual hosting. After migration, the deals of the Signal provider and trading robots on your local platform will stop automatically as they will be executed on the virtual machine.


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